Capstone projects, Theses & Dissertations Policy

Thesis and Dissertation Submission Policy content

  • Graduating student who has completed a thesis or dissertation project must deposit a bound hard copy and electronic copy of the project.
  • Effat Library & Cultural Museum requires that the hard copy of the project must be signed and approved by the department chair.
  • The hard copy must include the title page, the candidate’s full name and Department, the signature approval page, an overall summary and conclusion, and the main body of the thesis or dissertation.
  • The electronic copy must be in compatible format preferably in PDF or MS Word format on a CD or USB Memory Stick.
  • Effat Library & Cultural Museum will accept theses, dissertations and other student works only if the student author signs the “Final Project Deposit” form available at

Library Responsibilities

The library is responsible for the dissemination and enforcement of this policy, including responsibility for:

  • Providing online full-text access to the thesis or dissertation content
  • Providing access to the integrity of the hard copy
  • Promoting access to thesis or dissertation materials by :
    • Creating bibliographic record and sharing it on the Library Opac
    • Uploading the content on the library server

Final Project Deposit form

Graduating students who complete a "Final Project" are required to deposit in the Library one print & bound copy of their project, plus one digital copy. Please be sure to discuss with the library staff any questions you might have before signing this form.

Your name: ___________________________________________________
Major: __________________
Expected graduation date: ______________
Title of your final project: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Supervisor: ____________________________________________________

Please tick all boxes to signify your agreement:

  • I confirm that the project is my own original work.
  • I confirm that this copy of my project is the final version approved by my committee
  • I understand that Effat University Library will add the hard copy of my project to the permanent collection and make it available to users for checkout.
  • I understand that Effat University Library may convert the project into any format for the purposes of backup and preservation.
  • I agree to having a digital version of my project published via the Library's webserver

Signature ________________________________________
Date _______________