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Research: "The systematic search for answers to certain questions, often using empirical evidence but also using logical arguments and reflection on social understandings." -The Oxford Dictionary of Education.

Need help preparing a bibliography for a paper?

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Need funding for a research project? The Research & Consultancy Institute (RCI) aims to "perform innovative, relevant and meaningful applied research to solve social and economic problems by applying state-of-the-art methods and technologies consistent with local culture and traditions." RCI provides travel and internal research grants to Effat University's faculty and staff members.

If you are applying for a grant...:

  • ... please discuss with us the information resources you will need, so that we may identify books, journals, databases, etc. that we can provide for you.
  • ... please consider allocating funds for very specific information resources as part of your projects "Other Expenses," and ensure that such resources are placed in the library (either during or after your project) so that you and other researchers may gain access to them.

Have you recently published a paper, a book, a weblog...?

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We're here to help you, let us know what you need in terms of research resources and support.