Library Services FAQs

How do I get my Library Card id and pin number?

Please contact the library help desk, in person, by email:, or by telephone ext. 4204 or 4201, to fill out and sign the necessary paperwork. Once the Library has all your needed information in the system, you'll be able to use your pin (personal identification number) to access the full services of the library.
How do I find a book or media item in the library?

Please check the library catalog by book title, author, keyword, etc. to search for the book or media material you need. Library staff are able to offer additional help.

How do I find a print magazine, or newspaper in the library?

Again, search the library catalog and see the print collection under the Collections tab. Also, under the Services tab, the Subject Guides page has Resource guides in pdf form for Business, Engineering, and Humanities and Social Services. These will list magazines and databases by subject interest. Resource guides are also available in paper form near the front of the library.

How do I reserve a book?

You’ll need to have registered as a library user, know your Effat University or library ID number, and your library pin number. Search the library catalog for the book or item of your interest, review the full record, locate the copy you wish to use, click on 'Reserve', and put in your id and pin number to reserve the item. Once your item comes available, you will receive a notification via email, and you'll have 24 hours to pick it up. If it is not picked up, the book will become available to the next person waiting.

How do I renew an item?

Renewing a book or other item can be done online, or in person. Online: Please log into your profile using your library id and pin number, check the items you wish to renew, and click on you can easily renew your items. No need to bring the book to the library! Alternatively , please come to the library with the book, media item you wish to renew, or call extension 4204 or 4201 and we will renew the item.

Why can't I renew my book, other item?

If you owe a fine, you won't be able to renew your item—or check out any more books. Please pay the fine at the Finance department, and bring the receipt to the library so we can clear your record.
What are the fines for an overdue book?

The fines have been increased. At this time, the fine is 10 SR a day for each overdue item.

Can I keep my library book forever and ever?

You can keep your library book—as long as 1.) you keep renewing it before the due date, and 2.) no one else Reserves it. If someone else needs your book, you’ll be allowed to keep it for the allowed period of time, and then you must return it so the next person can use it. Only fair, right?

I’m tired, why can’t my friend return my books to the library?

Library policy mandates that only you can return the books you borrowed from the library; your friend can’t return them for you. Don't be lazy : )
I reserved my book on Sunday, now it's Wednesday and that book was checked out. What happened?

When you reserve a book, you have 24 hours to pick it up, once it comes available. After than 24 hour period, the book comes available to the next person who wants it.

Can the library get me textbooks for all my students?

No. For textbook ordering and purchase, please contact the Obeikan bookstore, located on the second floor of the Restaurant building, to buy books for classes.

Can I access the library catalog from home?

Yes! No problem, simply go to the main library portal page,, or from the Effat University website, click on the library Quicklink or item menu.
Can I use the databases and eBooks from home?

Yes! If you are an active student, faculty or staff member, you will simply login to the VPN (virtual private network) service with your regular Effat University ID and Password, and from there, connect to the library's eResources.

I think the library should have a specific book/journal/other media material. How do I suggest it?

Alternatively, if there is a book or journal title that you think the library should have, please send your suggestion through the website. See the Suggest a book link.