Euromonitor Passport

We are pleased to inform you that a trial access to "Passport" database, a market research database has been provided by the publisher till 31st of December.
To access the database, please go to the library homepage/ News section or just click the following link :

About Passport
Passport is an award-winning market research database used by the world’s top business schools and Fortune 500 companies to understand the global business environment in a time of rapid change and increased globalization. Passport provides business intelligence on Industries, economies and Consumers. The database covers 28 Consumer Industries across 100 Countries. You can use it to track market sizes, brand shares, company shares, industry trends, competitive landscape as well as understand market dynamics. Countries and Consumers section covers information such as Consumer behaviour & Lifestyles, Income & Expenditure, Demographics and various Socio-Economic Indicators across 210 countries.
It supports a wide range of courses, including International Business Strategy, Marketing, Economics, Social Sciences, Humanities, International Relations, Travel and Tourism, Hospitality Management and Food Marketing. Passport allows students/faculty to create research projects and case studies using the same high-value research that the world’s top banks, consultancies, advertising companies, manufacturers, retailers and government departments rely on to support their business decision making.