Effat University gratefully accepts donations of materials intended for inclusion in the library collections. All items received from donors become property of Effat University, and once accepted, the Library may use, keep, donate, or dispose of items entirely at its discretion. Each item received will be carefully examined to ascertain its best use. There might be reasons why the materials received from donors may or may not be added to the collections and/or retained indefinitely, including space restrictions, evolving collection development priorities, and policies regarding outdated, superseded, or damaged materials. Donations of unique or valuable items such as rare books, family documents, photographic prints, audio tapes, films, and so on, will be discussed on a case by case basis with the donor. Special arrangements will have to be made in order to ensure adequate preservation measures (housing, treatments, scanning, digitizing) for such items, and the creation of a special preservation fund should be considered.
Please contact the Library if you have additional questions.You may access and print out the Effat University Library Donation form here.